Posted on these Gallery pages are various tidbits, ranging from Star Bored character biographies to general miscellaneous stuff related to Star Bored in some vague way or other. There isnít anything much now, but they will be updated as time progresses and more stuff starts coming in.

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Remains Of Scythe VileTerror Phalanx War War Iris Peter Iris Achim Fran Iris Iris War Ferguson Beyonder Alpha Jim North Achim Maria and Michelle Braden Chris browneyedcat War Pin Bynne

Star Bored-Related Images by Me:

Avatar Disturbing Joker Card

Not-so-Star Bored-Related Images by Me:

Oldart Fanart: The Jaded Fanart: Road From Nowhere Fanart: Digital War Fanart: Elf Only Inn Fanart: Alex & Ilia Fanart: Geeks Fanart: God Of Tarot

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CWX birthday Gueststrip Waiting For War WSA contract killing BY me WSA contract killing TO me Jamie & Nick Gueststrip Historical Romance Crossover KEENCHAT 188 Lines about 99 Sacers

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The pond Puppies 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024

The Pingoo Hula! 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024

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