So you can't see the comic or any of the other images on the site?

This is usually caused by the use of Norton Firewall.

And now I shall tell you how to fix your problem, courtesy of Ping Teo and the Keenspace FAQ!

Why your images and comics aren't loading:
Basically, Keenspace has an anti-hotlinking security system which exist to prevent images and comics folders to be linked from outside the site.
Now, an unfortunate side-effect of this is on certain 'protection' systems such as Norton Firewall, is that the images do not show up because the method Norton uses to access the pictures makes Keen think it's hotlinking them. (Or something like that anyway. Do correct me if I'm wrong. I don't own Norton Firewall, so I can't explain it very well).
Anyway, this will explain why it seems to work for some computers and not for others.

How to Fix Norton Firewall For Keenspace:
-Open the
"Norton Personal Firewall" and click "Options" in the top menu and select "Personal Firewall".
-Click the
"Web Content" tab
"Add Site" located in the bottom left and enter "*" then click "Ok".
"*" in the list of sites and then on the right uncheck the "Use default settings" on the "Information about visited sites" section and set it to "Permit".
"Ok" at the bottom of the window and close the "Norton Personal Firewall" window.
-Refresh your web browser and you should see the site! Ta-Da!

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