And where's his mo? Trinket90, perfect friend
Fish and humor he does not lack
Kensoux did his duty
went to Iraq and then came back
vegan Android Phactorri runs on soya energy
Eco-friendly that's a phact
CJ Burgundy's voluptuous bust
Never fails to distract

(*grope*) (Oh snap yo!)
Weapons Of Mass Distraction
Thanks Kisai! Kisai is a living hero
she turns all the bad things right
Esoterik keeps everyone up
Barking at the moon all night
Roll over!
Hobo Surrealism is a funny phrase Okie's a bigger thinker
Adds bibliographies to his posts

Noemz is a trouble maker
Hanky-Panky's her middle name

(Matt Lim Matt Lim we all follow him) (*Derails stuff*)

Space Pirating is all about booty!
Yippie-ki-yay! Watch out! Jops is packin'
Zzyzx Road be where he's at
Ferguson changed his avatar
After I'd already drawn the cat
But technically, I'm correct, cuz ya see the cat's name really is 
STILL BELIEVE IN YOU! Dark Magician, once a god,
Wishes more'd taken the time to pray
Derenge once just tossed a wrapper
Now nature's out to make him pay!

(Get in the box) (Quiet you!) 
Bear's behind the otter
aka nishichi27 aka Typo Genesis, now free from MECharm
Changed her name more times than Prince
Yeahduff is the gloomy type
Sports a stare that'd make flowers wince
The life of the party
Bad Mandog!

PeppermintAfterlife is just as wild
He's Yeahduff quite a lot

Psiogen liked his music,
Played it loud, and played it hot!

neko- wai-wai-chibi-bishonen-manga-o-kudasai-


Sweater doesn't stain
I like Alan Davies in QI Shinedog, constant comic restarter,
Wants Alan Davies hair
When EvilJamie! posts his searchstrings
Porn's about the only thing there!
Doesn't stand a chance for reelection

Goobla once refined the grope
weeps now to his lack of fans

Mr Ekshin sticks to his guns,
You'll pry his smokes from his dead, yellowed hands!

(Like a fox!) ( accordance with the prophecy!)

*tosses a coin*
No. Seriously. Look at that face. Sam Charette looked up to something
innocence he couldn't feign
Pimpette had no such problems
The Burger Ninja strikes again!
Leader of the Paperhat Gang

Supernerdcore, just here for beer,
Opens up another six-pack

Kevin Wolf said "I must go"
Changed his mind and then came back

(...And then they got drunk) (Egads!) 
Watch has no hands
That rabbit's going to be getting some action now Brockway's wanted in 40 states
for spreading love and sexy schemes
Faceless saved himself a mint
On moisturizers and facial creams
Well, I suppose that thing with the eye, IS a face...
Ayyy Faub is a feline stud
All the chibi cat-girls scream his name

Grabmygoblin's still in Maple
Please be sure to raise her fame

(*glomp*) (So wrong...)

Smurf bamf!
The unifying theory of everything: Go. YarpsDat is a clever guy
he's got math and lots of brains
rkolter's even smarter
Giving Spacers headache pains
Why can't you put metal in a microwave?
Grace has a blank stare BOMC, no facial features,
could never get that acting job

Sippan takes pride in his OS,
runs the local Apple lynch-mob

(*Brian Explodes*) (Poor Brian.. we hardly knew thee..)

Stickfigure lycnchmobs don't look very threatening
Stop playing games, Lag.

LagtheNoggin was proficient,
But gaming was his first love

CapitanG, the king of hats,
Anything's vogue on his above
Mushroom hats, bowler hats
A cunning disguise Bekka's main source of muse
was playing games with online felons
Sortelli once got Spotted,
Now we we're eating watermelons

If I read that 'Like A Stiletto' strip ONE MORE TIME...
Tell us more about tentacoo wape unca Ghastly! Uncle Ghastly, he's our mentor
Taught us everything that we know
G-Lode looks like that one guy
Who used to be on That 70's show
No really, he does
And all that jazz

DEVO-bot grooved on jazz
Glamour, glitz and chardonnay

McBean said the "Forumz are Gizay"
But he just can't seem to stay away

(Super Happy Fun Time!) (*Gives out cookies*)

BUT ITS TRUE MixedMyth was an archetype,
Hyperactive and All-defeating
Stinkywigfiddle's hard to place
Just don't ask me what he's eating
He's mad I say
Awww Chibiartstudios likes to jam
Forum battles are his trait
Joel Fagin's hidden agenda
is simply to EXTERMINATE!

(*bites*) (*injects morphine*) 
Yeah I read that Sawdust fanart Blahsville!'s sure for that big promotion
He knows, cuz, he's his boss
Locster's axe not really bloodied
Its just tomato sauce
Destroy the ring, young spacer! Before the evil dark Lord, Crosby, 
regains power! Alschroeder the old wise sage
Relaying the prophecies of the times

Mooman, self-established live reporter,
Present at the scene of crimes

Someone ask him why he nuked his site
If I could fly I'd tottaly do that ChaosBurnFlame's power to float
Demotivates his Fatfighting Class
HeDanny came in from the garden
I think its time I cut the grass
badger badger badger mushroom! Mushroom!
His shirt is blue. If that helps Crossfire had this special way
of starting wars with debonair
Word games are Skylark King's fancy
Forum Games is his lair
He reminds me of those ribena berries
rowr KittyKatBlack's such a tease
We never get more than just a peek
VileTerror, it's still here
It shall remain a constant pique
VT's right behind yooou
Digital War, you're a jerk
I chose you to end this-HURK!
never liked The Nails anyway

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